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What We Plan to Do in 2016

Happy New Year of fabulous 2016! We are pleased that we have made the leap without any crashes or issues.

Next week, after I'll be back from vacation, we'll be doing further development of PonySFM. Some pretty cool stuff we will be doing, some of which will include:

  1. Mod Manager V2 with a GUI! This means no more scary console thingie, and no more complicated commands that could accidentally delete System32 (not really).
  2. More blogging activity. We plan to run this blog as full MLP SFM news site. We'll be posting about fan projects such as PMVs and Art. More on that will come later!
  3. Increased effort on Social Media public relations: more stalking you'll be able to do on other various social media sites such as Tumblr, where we're pretty sure you lurk around.
  4. Expand our team. Right now we are just two peeps, EpicLPer and me. I'm doing most of the stuff, since I'm the programmer :(. I'm hoping we can find more programmers to add to our team, with kick-ass web developing skills. If you are interested write to!

That's it mostly folks! We hope that PonySFM will keep growing and become an even more awesome site! But remember that we are very open for suggestions. You can contact us anytime!