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Cheese Sandwich

Cheese sandwich4

This one includes shorter reworked tail, and shorter reworked mane

2014-01-14 @ 3:52am
Jiggle bones now working on re-worked tail.

2014-01-14 @ 4:42am
Mane reworked and jiggle bones corrected.

masemj for the qtmark vector and idea for pose:

KP-ShadowSquirrel - original ponies
oogaboogaman - for porting
PonninNahka - for smd meshes, porting, and being fuckin awesome!

Honourable mentioned:
Always: Argodaemon for sparking my interest in learning sfm and being an awesome sensei with his tutorials!
Everyone at I love you guys. (Yes even you few furverted ones too :3)


~ wolfe.inugami

Dl  sfm  gmod  daisy sandwich by dracagon d85hlf9.png
SFM Daisy Sandwich Score: 0 · over 1 year ago
Cheese Sandwich
by Natorni
Score: 0 · about 1 year ago