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Fluttercord (SFM model release)


Alright here its been a year and a few weeks since i last worked on this model (under a different name) so here's an overdue update :3

Download here:

Added the wings from the sources SMD pack.

Fixed hind legs from deforming oddly when moving. Special thanks to dpplad and koni126 for helping me on that one.

Still to do:
- Fix tail peaks
- Maybe texture the wings a better color.
- figure out why I still keep getting polymesh instead of root transform
(if you go to the animation set window, you can select root transform from there.)

Discord model by: uncommented.
Found here:

Sfm ponyville v2  dl  by salsav91 d5mnc4p
Ponyville [sfm_ponyville_v2]
by Not registered
Score: 3 · over 1 year ago
 dl  sfm pony village by salsav91 d6d9ueh
Pony Village [sfm_pony_village] Score: 2 · over 1 year ago