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AaronN117's Colt Models

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AaronN117's Colt Models

These are all of the Colt models developed and released by AaronN117. All of these including the separate hat model are released with permission from AaronN117.

Feel free to do whatever you want with these. These models can be considered Public Domain now, even by AaronN117 (Decompiling, reskinning, its all fine)


Pipsqueak (Complete with Pirate Costume)

Snips and Snails in both V1 and V2 (V2's Patched to restore Snips Cutie Mark)

Button Mash (Include both Pre Season 5 and post Season 5 fur colors and his hat seperately)

Featherweight and Shady Daze (With Foal Free Press Camera)


Nitromancer almost 6 years ago

Not sure where to ask this, so I'll ask it here. The Bonemergable hat is that model missing its Accompanying materials i doing something wrong? Spent about 40 minutes trying various techniques to "remove" Button's hat using this invisible one. Anyone want to help?

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