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PonySFM is an independent provider of pony related maps, models and other kinds of resources for use in Source Filmmaker and in any other kind of mod.

You need to log in first.
Yes, but you need to set the "Content Type" to NSFW in the submission form.
OCs are hidden by default. You first need to log in. Then go to your filter settings and check "Show OCs".
Same as above but check "Enable NSFW".
First check if it actually violates the rules. To prevent spam you need to log in first. You can report users, resources and comments. Click on the report button that is displayed with a flag or exclamation sign to report it.
Some resources were never uploaded by their creators on this site. Because of that we chose to not assign them to any user account. That means you can still submit stuff made by others, but please credit them in the description.
Click on the "+" button next to your avatar in the top bar.
We designed PonySFM to be a more better content-tracking service. So we implemented a "version control" kind-of functionality for your submissions. It's pretty simple. Each time you want to upload a new version of the resource, you create a new revision, meaning a new file. The "Changeset" field should be filled with the changes made to the new version. Each single revision that is submitted can be viewed for history purposes. If you want you can delete the old versions but we don't encourage you to.
It's a markup language that is mostly used everywhere on PonySFM. Markdown is really simple and you should take a look here if you want to learn it.
.7z, .zip, .rar, .tar, .tar.gz and .tgz.
Since submissions are often uploaded to DeviantArt first and then uploaded here, we added a neat function to make it easier to post submissions that originally came from DeviantArt. Simply posting a link to a DeviantArt submission and clicking 'Fill' or 'Sync' will fill out the name, URL and image for convenience. You still need to fill in the description, type and file manually, since we have no way of guessing that.
If you want to delete a specific resource of yours then report it and ask for deletion.