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PonySFM provides free downloads to everyone, forever!

However, hosting this content isn’t free.

Currently PonySFM is almost exclusively paid for out of my own pocket. While these costs thankfully aren’t extremely high it’s still a monthly expense that has to be planned for, and especially in these current times we live in this isn’t always a super easy thing to handle.

Costs such as storage, server, domain, electricity, time spent on keeping most things tidy and up-to-date and of course development add up over time, and especially the last part is something I want to give back to the main developer of this site. I would also love to give back towards all the various SFM content creators, be it people who made the models, animations, art and more we enjoy on a daily basis by donating back to them.

PonySFM is and will always remain a free site without any plans for advertisements being shown, after all the content we provide is made by various other artists and creators who spent countless hours on their work and provide them for free to everyone of us.

I already want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for considering spending something! Not only will this allow me to keep the site up during even harsher financial times but also keeps everyone motivated to further work on features, improvements, updating resources and so on!

Thank you ❤️

PS.: After donating you can also request a special Donation role on our Discord Server , just mention it and show proof and we'll assign it to you :)