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  • Offensive account names are not allowed, same goes for all profile information such as links to websites and other information
  • OCs on the main page are hidden by default, if you want to see such submissions please enable them in your profile settings or simply visit the OC section
  • The PonySFM team is not responsible for any harm downloaded resources may do to your hard- and software, contact the creator if such a thing happens
  • PonySFM has no control over external resources (example DeviantArt) and is not responsible for anything outside of this site
  • Admins and Mods are allowed to change anything on this site at any time, especially if it’s not within the submission rules or site guidelines


  • No PonyLumen creations allowed here. These are not compatible with Source Filmmaker in any way
  • NSFW submissions are allowed
  • When uploading resources not made by yourself please refer to the original creator in the description
  • Please keep swearing and harsh words in general (when needed) to a minimum
  • Users who post offensive and/or harmful resources such as pictures, texts, links, etc. will be banned