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Searching for Developers

Heya, EpicLPer here!

In my last blog post, I announced that PonySFM is getting a rewrite. While this has been underway in the background (twice, actually) and has reached a certain early development stage, the people behind those rewrite projects have become very busy in their personal lives over the last few months/years and haven't been able to work on it any further beyond those early stages. I'm, of course, more than grateful for their efforts! :)

So, the current state of the PonySFM site has somewhat old and buggy code. I'm writing this blog post in the hope of finding new people who would be able to help with a complete "from the ground up" rewrite of the site. As it is now, I'm not sure how much longer I can host the site. For example, without registration emails being sent out due to spammers, it's a bit of a nightmare to manage and manually verify all users who register, apart from some other issues we've been made aware of over the past few years.

The current site is based on Ruby on Rails, hosted in Docker. Initial plans for one of the above-mentioned rewrites were to move it to NodeJS and Angular. However, if you have any other suggestions, I'd be open to those too, of course. :)

Personally, I am not a programmer, but I'll do my best to coordinate and help with anything possible! As PonySFM is an entirely community-driven and personal-hosted project of mine, you will, of course, receive a share in the donations coming in and/or get some compensation for your work from my side. This has always been the case with our current developer, and I'll continue this for the rewrite too!

If you're interested, please either join our Discord or send an email to

Thanks a ton already for your interest. I really appreciate it a lot!