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Terms of Service

By using this site you agree to the Terms of Service (“Terms”). Please read the Terms carefully, as they govern the use of service provided to you by PonySFM, including information, text, images, graphics, data, resources or other material (“Content”) and services through (“Service”). The PonySFM team reserves the right to change these terms at anytime.

1. Copyright

By submitting to PonySFM you give us the permission to redistribute and if necessary modify your material. In no way PonySFM will claim ownership of the things submitted by individuals. You agree not to submit any copyrighted material that you hold no ownership in.

2. Content

When you upload Content to PonySFM you agree the material not to be:

  1. in any way potentially harmful such as viruses, trojans or adware
  2. depicting racism, hate speech, or any other kind of discrimination
  3. illegal in Germany and the European Union
PonySFM cannot be held liable for the Content submitted to the site. Therefore we cannot necessarily verify the functionality nor safety of the Content you may download. We advise to use your antivirus software for complete safety. PonySFM is not responsible for any damages that might result from the usage of the site nor the usage of the Content downloaded. Users claim their responsibility of their Content they post on PonySFM.

3. Abuse

You agree that you will not abuse, in forms of DDOSing, XSS, exploiting, or other attacks, the Service provided to you by PonySFM. You agree to politely behave and treat other users with respect. Any such violations can lead to the termination of your registered account or further consequences.

4. Privacy

Please carefully read the privacy policy which are incorporated into these Terms.