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New approval system


For the past few days you might have noticed that submissions are not instantly showing up on the site anymore, that's because we've (finally) implemented a function where the admins have to accept the submission first in order for it to appear on the page.

The reason why we implemented this is because submissions before were instantly posted on the site, to social media and so on and there was a possible chance of abuse here, as example someone simply spamming submissions, bad words or something else.
Besides that there also were a lot of false submissions like pictures, Ponylumen stuff, backgrounds or simply empty ones (yes...), so this was probably the best feature as of now we've implemented to keep up a clean and nice user experience!

Anyways, I hope this cleared a few things up as I heard a few people got confused by this. :)
Sorry 'bout that, we should've made a blog post about this earlier on already.

Best regards,
Stefan Kern (EpicLPer)