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Camp Everfree Trunk

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Camp Everfree Trunk

OBJECT TrunkLOCATION Camp Everfree

I GOT THIS!!!!!11!1oneelevenone ~ Gloriosa Daisy because there's not really a specific person or thing to quote for this prop

In the background of some shots in Legend of Everfree in the tent scenes, you can see this little chest at the foot of the beds. I liked the design, and chests, whether of the treasure variety or not, are usually coolio. Though it may also technically be a footlocker in title, but forget that. It's a trunk to me. No Alastor Moody included.

Features variants for the chest closed, open, and with the lid and base as separate props.

Download button is under the bottom-right corner of the image preview. #eclipsesucks

The model can be found under models/allosla/everfreetrunk*.mdl

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