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Canterlot City Mainstreet

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Canterlot City Mainstreet

LOCATION Canterlot City

"What can I getcha?" ~ Mrs. Cake

*"It's a Coinky-Dink World!" *~ Ponka Poke

As an apology for how long it took me to put my MLP maps on the Steam Workshop, take this bonus map based off of a section of Canterlot City. It features the Equestria Girls version of Sugarcube Corner, as well as the EqG-exclusive location, the Sweet Snacks Cafe! The SFM version download is linked near the bottom of this description.

*Map features included:


~ The Equestria Girls Sugarcube Corner is fully present; whole exterior, whole parlor floor, and it even has an upstairs section based after the pony version of SCC as seen in the episode Baby Cakes! Includes the blue hallway, the Cake Twins' room, their bathroom, and a blank decoratable room that would be Mr. & Mrs. Cake's room, but since as far as canon is concerned their bedroom doesn't exist, I chose not to stress myself out over building a room that doesn't exist.

~ A good number of the props present have bodygroups available, and some others have alternate texture skins for a bit of variety;

~ The goods in SCC's glass display case at the counter have two alternate skins, which can be toggled in the secret room*

~ The thermometer machine in SCC has bodygroups for each individual thermometer, which can be toggled with the context menu or a customizer in the secret room*

~ The couch on the SCC shop floor has bodygroups for each of its cushions, which can be toggled with the context menu or a customizer in the secret room*

~ The syrup bottle model has bodygroups for four different colors

~ The cups included in this map and the props pack have bodygroups for their liquid and accessories

~ The tables outside of SCC have bodygroups for their parasols being open/closed

~ The counter in SCC can be opened to access the inner side without jumping it; look for a grey button on the side of the portion with hearts on

~ The compartment doors on the glass display in SCC can be opened/closed

~ The bell above the interior of SCC's shop doors rings when the doors are opened/closed or if the bell is accosted; if this bothers you, it can be disabled from the secret room*

~ The twins' crib gates, toy chest, and the mirror cabinet in the bathroom in SCC can all be opened/closed

~ The traffic lights and crosswalk signs outside animate by default; if you wish to manually switch their active lights for scenebuilding purposes (done with the context menu), the animation can be disabled from the secret room*

~ For cinematic/consistency purposes, you can also hide the traffic lights surrounding the central intersection; you can use the developer console to toggle them with the following command, or you can toggle all four of them at once from the secret room*

entfire $NAME toggle_

with "$NAME" being one of the following:





~ The traffic lights themselves at the central intersection can also be rotated to face the other direction, again for cinematic/consistency purposes. You can either use the developer console to spin them, or else you can toggle all four at once from the secret room.*

entfire $NAME toggle_





~ Yet again for cinematic/consistency purposes, the building just across the street from SCC can be toggled to an alternative skin. This can be adjusted from the secret room.*

~ The mirror in the bathroom upstairs in SCC can be toggled between functioning as a real mirror and not. This can be toggled from the secret room.*

~ The open/closed sign on SCC's front doors can be flipped from the secret room.* (no, you can't just use your hands)

*Now, you may be wondering what this whole 'secret room' thing is about. There is a secret room in the map that contains many of the customization controls for SCC's portion of the map. In order to find the room without cheating with noclip, consider the following riddle;

Halfway into darkness,

look back to the past

and back away slowly.


~ The Sweet Snacks Café** seen in the Equestria Girls short Coinky-Dink World is present, featuring the main floor space and a custom-designed kitchen

~ The customer seating is partially decorated, based after events from the shorts this area originates from

~ The jukebox is present, and has a small interaction event

~ The fridges and counter drawers can be opened/closed

~ The display cakes on the counter have bodygroups for the cover and the cakes themselves, as well as skins

~ The plates are breakable, if you wish to pay for your wanton destruction

~ The order string in the serving window has alternate skins and bodygroups for the individual notes clipped, if you want to customize that; these can be toggled from the control room.*

~ The corkboards in the kitchen have two separate bodygroups for note positioning, and can be toggled in-map from the control room.*

*Now, you may be further wondering what this control room is. Well, it's not the secret room for Sugarcube Corner, it'd be a pain to walk that far to toggle stuff here. I would tell you where it is, but I'm a bit peckish. Not hungry enough to drop twenty bucks at a proper eatery like this… know where I could get a little snack?


I think the locales in this map area a bit underrated in official media and fan work, so this map was made with hopes that they'll get a little more attention than before. Equestria Girls maps are a mostly-untapped market that I'm probably the foremost constructor in. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Anyways, with that, this map is fully done! Unless something's broken.

Download the GMOD version with the download button now located under the image preview, think it's on the right next to all the share buttons. Download mirror can be found here for GMOD and here for SFM. Peckin' Eclipse. The SFM download can be found here. It comes with a user manual for ease of use.


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