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Hey voila mon OC ^ DjAltaHeight !

L'utilisation de celui ci et publique tant que vous mentionner mon Pseudo ainsi que mon lien Deviantart (haha les droits) sinon enjoy !!

Site Web : MLP-FAN-France

Deviantart : Cliquez-ici

Discord : Cliquez-ici pour nous rejoindre

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English :

Hey here my OC ^ DjAltaHeight!

The use of this one and public as long as you mention my nickname as well as my link to Deviantart (haha the copyrights) otherwise enjoy !!

Web site: MLP-FAN-France

Deviantart : Click here

Discord : join us !


JUJU0802 Owner about 7 years ago

@EpicLPer No problem I change it when I am at home

EpicLPer admin about 7 years ago

An English description would be nice since we're an English website.

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