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(DL) Lantern Mane 6 with Trixie and Derpy

  • Score: 2
(DL) Lantern Mane 6 with Trixie and Derpy

Grab your lantern and put on your ring say your oath time for the official release of the Lantern Mane 6 SFM only

This pack contains all 9 lantern corps with the mane 6 ponies including Derpy Hooves and The Great and Powerful Trixie

Rings not included


PumpkinsBack 12 months ago

@Rockstar_hedgehog this was uploaded almost 7 years ago.. i dont think theyres gonna be any other lantern ponies.

Rockstar_hedgehog 12 months ago

When's the other Lantern ponies gonna be uploaded?