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Enhanced Mares DMX Kit

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Enhanced Mares DMX Kit

Admin Note: DA Backup due to AeridicCore's DA being banned.


I made notable changes to rigging, as said in recent journal.

Legs and neck bend smoother now. However I'm also aware that this may cause clipping issues on some older clothing. I'm leaving the older version of bases marked as "bodies_old" just in case your clothes start clipping when recompiled. It works fine with most assets though.

I have also replaced argodaemon's animset file with my own. It brings back bone structure and categorized flexes, just like in JuiceDane's file, not only for enhanced regular ponies but also custom models like Tirek, Discord, Chrysalis, princesses e.t.c. Also, I'll be keeping an eye on most releases now so if any flexes/bones pop in the Unknown section on any models now, let me know and I'll update this file with them.

Another thing fixed is breathing and old/muscular flexes' vertices peeking out. This problem was mentioned before but I don't remember who did that, sorry.

And yes, bats have been removed from the main release. After the New Year I'll make them a separate deviation with said changes added, and I will do the same to every custom pony base I release, whether enhanced or not.

HUGE UPDATE! Presets are back.

Yea, those presets that allow you to make a pose or funny face with one slider, instead of setting up the thing for hours or months. A panacea for the lazy.

Recently JDash42 messaged me to tell me that presets don't work on my horses. He also had a hint to a solution and shared it with me.

It turned out that .pre files of presets are a kind of dmx file. Yea, no shit. I even made a meme:

Now guess whom did win.

JDash shared info with me on how to convert them to dmx. Not just dmx, but a readable code dmx that can be edited. I know how to deal with that so it was pretty easy.

And now we have working presets. Beat that, Source Engine.

This update includes the new preset folder in ponies_source directory. Inside there are preset files, both decoded and encoded, and a readme with instructions on how to get them running.

I've also included .bat files, but dA's antihack or whatever script refused to upload the archive with executables in it, so I replaced all dots in extensions with commas. If you wanna tackle the insides of .pre files, change all commas into dots again.

Other changes:

- LipUp/Down flexes have been made into stereoflexes.

- Stereobalance has been changed from 98% into 96% for smoother transition.

- A duplicated "MAXIMUM Strength" flex has been removed from Fluttershy base.

- Advanced flex info file has been renamed from "flexreferencerdenh.txt" into "flexreferenceenh.txt". For Blender users I really recommend to delete the old txt not to confuse it with the new one. They _are different, believe me.

Again, big thanks to JDash42 for making this update possible.

Before I explain myself, a history lesson.

A while ago, a guy named JuiceDane released a pack of ponies that had some better (and more) facial features than the v4 ones. All was cool, except for one thing - for us Blender dwellers, he refused to release sourcefiles, said we could decompile stuff ourselves.

Yea, of course we can, but tell me please how do we manage triangles and broken VTAs? Kinda dick move, eh? Makes it hard for the creation of custom bases. I said "meh" and forgot these existed.

For a while being, all the models I made for my customers were v4. Simply because a while ago I composited some DMX files for these and utilised them fully. The main difference between conventional SMD and DMX is that the latter is capable of having flexes inbound, has original geometry and overall compiles faster. Two reasons why I haven't converted enhanced ponies to DMX were stereoflexes and the fact that the base was assymetrical (more or less skillful blender users will understand me here). Gladly, I've managed to deal with these issues, and here we are.

Introducing Enhanced DMX sourcefiles. 99% close to the original ones that JuiceDane had. Or 97%. Or 60%. Or even better. I dunno, I always had C- at math.

**WARNING! This sourcepack is an addon to Poninnahka's v4 ponies sourcepack. Before downloading it, make sure this is installed:

Also be sure to use Source Filmmaker's studiomdl.exe when compiling. Other compilers cannot adequately interprete advanced DMX, which are these bases.**

So how are these better than the existing enhanced sourcepack by Stefano96?

Since I migrated to Blender totally, in my sourcefiles I've been mindful of other modelers. My goal was to simplify life for everyone who uses them, myself included. With mesh detriangulated and symmetry finally there, one can make a custom pony base out of these almost as easy as of a v4.

Actually, even easier, since there are no detriangulated v4's in public... yet.

Also, it's way easier to manipulate flexes. You can change whatever - remove some of these, replace them with your own, make edits - and you don't have to fear that something will break. DMX files are devoid of common VTA problems, and since the mesh is absolutely symmetrical, left/right flexes will always have equal proportions if you enable X Mirror in edit mode. No need for that pesky mirror modifier now!

As for benefits for the common folk - the compilation now got faster and the qc template file has been unified. That means that if you change your mind about the base and want try something new, you won't need to grab a proper qc with proper VTA info and copy paste all bodygroups and whatever from your older qc. Instead, you change the body line - it won't affect flexes, they will still work. Also, this qc contains uncommented hints that will help novice modelers to get along with source pony compiling.

Another WARNING! Garry's Mod support has been halted. I wanted to preserve these models at their original. So please, if you want a simplified enhanced version of your pony that works in GMod, I suggest that you use Stefano's sourcepack for it. Mine and his don't conflict in any way.

Also, there's a sfm_defaultanimationgroups file that systematizes controls in SFM. Since most flexes have been renamed (mostly because of underscores issues with DMX), I suggest that you install that too. It won't break the one JuiceDane made, more like add to it.


KP-ShadowSquirrel - the mighty God and creator of horses we all use.

Poninnahka - the maker of v4 horsepack

JuiceDane - the one who actually made the enhanced thing

Stefano96 - the one whose sourcepack materials I used to create this thing.

FillerArtist - thanks for testing it for me.

Preview picture by me, obviously. It's horrible. No, horsible.

If any problems pop up, notify me in comments.


Parisa over 1 year ago

Could anyone help me with porting my characters into this model format? :sob:

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