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Huge Fallout Prop Pack

  • Score: 6
Huge Fallout Prop Pack

Not really "pony only" but because there are many Fallout Equestria guys out there I (EpicLPer) decided to provide a mirror for this pack here.

A backup download on Google Drive is available here: GDRIVE DOWNLOAD


EasyBurn almost 8 years ago

now thats awesome i got FOE on the mined

ILM126 over 8 years ago
EpicLPer admin over 8 years ago

@ILM126 Oh, completely missed that one, thanks!
PS.: You're the first guy besides the admins to ever use the comment system here \o/

Nucleus admin over 8 years ago

@ILM126 Thanks, I updated it

ILM126 over 8 years ago
Maps (BSP): 0
Materials (VMT): 532
Models (MDL): 544
Sounds (WAV): 26
Textures (VTF): 985