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Lemon Zest SFM GMod [DL] V1.1

  • Score: 2
Lemon Zest SFM GMod [DL] V1.1

So here is Lemon Zest. I really like her mane!

(Or at least her ponyfied persona)

The Model does work in GMod now! Thanks for stefano96 for giving me the idea to take a look at the mane again. The weights were a bit messed up.
Also a thanks to a conversation between stefano96 and Tyraka628 I realized how important jointskips are.

Note: MLP Overhaul pack by poninnahka must be installed


Original Pony Source Files go to: poninnahka (Body, Tail, Headphones etc)

Cutiemark Vector: xebck

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Hasbro©

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Hasbro©

Source Filmmaker, GMod: Valve, Steam

Ponyville [sfm_ponyville_v2]
Ponyville [sfm_ponyville_v2]
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Score: 3 · almost 3 years ago
Ponyville [dm_ponyville_b11_fix_d]
Ponyville [dm_ponyville_b11_fix_d]
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Pony Village [sfm_pony_village]
Pony Village [sfm_pony_village] Score: 4 · almost 3 years ago


ILM126 over 2 years ago

Woot! She's now a pony :D

Nuke928 admin over 2 years ago


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