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My Little Pony G5 Models [SFM]

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So Introducing you G5

And it was made made possible by this guys:

WhiteSkyline and Capricorn for testing and help to pointing out the mistakes I made.

And also thank you Silkworm (
and Raymond ( , from ReVAmpedCommunity for your support and tips!

And also thank you JacobLHh3 ( from "NexGen Support" for your tips!

My Little Pony G5 belongs to Hasbro

original models Outright Games

The original extract by Makaryo ( (or Maka)

Pack contains:

And also accessories from a game itself (rollerblades, phone (pipp), belt, bracelets,magic mane, wing and horn (sunny))

poster: WhiteSkyLine (

G5 Font:

update 20.09.22 : fixed weights on pipp and sprout

update 04.11.22 :
all models updated
new phonemes were added (special thanks for creating Sebastían )
added autolipsing, rig
new pony added: misty
fixed weights on bones
fixed jaw


camm over 1 year ago

amazing thank you

WhiteSkyLine over 1 year ago

@camtwo We updated! Not only rig but also added a rig for a lipsync!

WhiteSkyLine over 1 year ago

@EatMyAss6912 We added Misty!

EatMyAss6912 over 1 year ago

Great job. Are you ever gonna do Misty in the future?

Dusty_Wings over 1 year ago

Can't wait to try these out! -^

camm over 1 year ago

what rig should be used for these?

PSFMer over 1 year ago

you guys have done everyone a great service. THANK YOU SO MUCH

AlexCesar112 over 1 year ago


EpicLPer admin over 1 year ago

Those look so well made! Nice job!

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