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Nightmare Mane 6

  • Score: 3

Hello everyone ! So it's my first time I upload models. I want to warn to everyone that it contains only smd files very very sorry! I didn't understand how to do it, my apologizes xd. I allow you to do it if you want and you have my permission to fix problems if you meet them .

Basically it was supposed to be a showcase, not an official DL. As there was nobody who make them, well I used Nightmare Rarity's model (by Jacob-lhh3) and other elements for making the Mane 6. After all, I'm more a Blender user than SFM user. Hope you'll like !

Maps (BSP): 0
Materials (VMT): 113
Models (MDL): 0
Sounds (WAV): 0
Textures (VTF): 114