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Lemon Twist (Commissioned by GoatCanon)

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Lemon Twist (Commissioned by GoatCanon)

Only Lemon Twist in download!
*Commissioned by GoatCanon (EwaZor)
Lemon Twist is a hard-working and cheerful salespony. She is one of the best selling lemodade stands in the market and one of Twilight Sparkle's Magic School students!

Custom mane and tail by: Garry Berry

Working in SFM, Try for Garry's Mod at own risk. I do not remember if it is able to work in Gmod!!

Textures are hard when it comes to your first time, I made a timelapse making them.
)HX4 <--- Remove () and replace with underscore

Maps (BSP): 0
Materials (VMT): 5
Models (MDL): 1
Sounds (WAV): 0
Textures (VTF): 7