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ponies are magic

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ponies are magic

12 Models
Batpony/Joker(wip)/Freginald/Mintrhythm/Dezela/Lazel/Yurazel/Wofmaniac/Pepperjack/Purplestar(my fav)/Twidash/male_Pepperjack


yellencandy Owner almost 8 years ago

@ShadowFlame_SFM so have you figured it out yet?

yellencandy Owner almost 8 years ago

@ShadowFlame_SFM Here I found a video that goes over basic pony model building: if you have any more questions contact me through skype: yellencandy or just reply again. I know a little more than the basics because I did research when I wanted to learn how to make a pony model.

ShadowFlame_SFM almost 8 years ago

@yellencandy Like where can you make a model with bones and everything so you can use it in SFM?

yellencandy Owner almost 8 years ago

@ShadowFlame_SFM what do you mean? do you mean how do I make them or how do I make them downloads or where do I get the materials to make them?

ShadowFlame_SFM about 8 years ago

Where do you make OCs to download them?

EpicLPer admin about 8 years ago

Quickly had to fix the pictures, they are now tiny filesize JPG instead of 8 MB PNGs...

yellencandy Owner about 8 years ago

If you use any of the models could you please leave a link in the comments.

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