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Princess Twilight Sparkles Portal

Princesstwilightsparklesportal logodeviantart

The directory OBJ_MTL contains the OBJ with MTL and PSD files.

The directory SOURCEENGINE contains the compiles valve object.
The model is compiled using HL2DM. It could be used in any
other game, based on HL2DM engine and up.

Copy the materials and models into your gaming folder. ie:

<STEAM>\SteamApps\common\Half-Life 2 Deathmatch\hl2mp



Important Informations

The portal is way to big for distribute in one each model, so
the portal is seperated in to many objects they share all
the same insert point.

The term PTSP stand for Princess Twilight Sparkle's Portal

Here a list of the modelname and the descriptions

Contains the mirror without the mirror surface

Contains the Rail, Tube, Powerarm, Generator and Pipe

This contains all objects with skinns. Mirror Surface, Tesla, Wire and Generator Window
Skin 1 : Normal Offlined Operation
Skin 2 : Online Operation
Skin 3 : Online Operation with Greenscreen Mirror Surface

There are two making of available:
Part 1 : Modeling :
Part 2 : UV :

Hope you can use it in your production.

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