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ReVAmped Blind Bag Pack #1

  • Score: 3

Spawned from corporate greed and a need to reuse molds, these six merch-exclusive blind bag ponies are now available in SFM!

These models are in their own file labeled "Blindbag," to make for easier navigation and potential expansions in the future. Every pony in this pack is based on a merchandise exclusive character, particularly from the Friendship is Magic Blind Bags.

- Flippity Flop
- Firecracker Burst
- Ploomette
- Snappy Scoop [Camera not included]
- Sugar Grape
- Sweetie Blue [Cupcakes and Tray not included]

Maps (BSP): 0
Materials (VMT): 91
Models (MDL): 6
Sounds (WAV): 0
Textures (VTF): 75