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ReVAmped SFW Ponies - Updated Release

  • Score: 21
ReVAmped SFW Ponies - Updated Release

This Release is an updated version of the 2019 ReVAmped Ferals (Previously found here:

What is Included in this updated Version?

  • More Female Characters!
    · Adult Applebloom
    · Changeling Drone (includes separate carapace model you can zero on)
    · Coco Pommel
    · Limestone pie
    · Mane Allgood (Scootaloos Mom)
    · Marble Pie
    · Maud Pie
    · Milky Way (with new mane/tail assets)
    · Minuette
    · Raricow
    · Adult Scootaloo
    Starlight Glimmer
    · Sunset Shimmer
    · Adult Sweetie Belle.

  • Seven Male Characters!
    · Braeburn (With new assets)
    · Caramel
    · Dr. Whooves
    · Nightlight
    · Pokey Pierce
    · Shining Armor
    · Soarin

Want modify a model or port your OC to Revamped? Download the SFW sourcefile factory here:

This updated sourcefile pack includes all the Assets for the characters above, and has some handy .psd Templates to make your own body/horn/wing textures! Want to turn any of the above characters into a cow pony? All the assets required are there!

Also included is the V6 Male head so male OC can be ported to the revamped standard!

⦁ AeridicCore: did the do.
⦁ Silkworm: Testing, Porting, Feedback, Pack Compiling
⦁ DonglySFM: Testing, Porting, Feedback, Pack Compiling
⦁ Raymond: Testing, Feedback
⦁ Sprocket: Testing, Feedback, Organization


JigSaw 9 months ago

why are the files have NSFW tidbits?

Peekofwar over 2 years ago

Is there a guide on how to use the SFW Source files to make a character?

Maps (BSP): 0
Materials (VMT): 585
Models (MDL): 47
Sounds (WAV): 0
Textures (VTF): 647