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Sci-Twi's Crystal Prep Lab

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Sci-Twi's Crystal Prep Lab

LOCATION Crystal Prep Academy

"No doubt about it, Spike. There's definitely something strange going on at that school..." ~ Science Twilight, Princess Twilight's twin sister who lives in the city

Yes, you got a Crystal Prep map out of me. Will I make more? Most likely not. Still, here's something; Sci-Twi's lab, as seen at the end of Rainbow Rocks and the beginning of Friendship Games. Nothing more and nothing less. Unlike my past several maps, this one's geared more towards SFM-usage first--though that's not necessarily to say it's incompatible with Gmod. Just, you know, less of the props are physics by default.

Map features included:

~ Sci-Twi's Lab as it is seen in the movies; everything I was able to ordain from screenshots and videos. Also includes the hallway just outside the door, for when Dean Cadance checks in.

- Both bookshelves have bodygroups for each grouping of books on them, and the bookend on the smaller bookshelf

- All devices in the room have alternate skins for their screens, inclusive of a greenscreen skin for your various purposes; their entities are named as follows;

~ device1_ (Long machine)

~ device2_ (Tall machine)

~ laptop (The laptop on the left desk)

~ computer (The computer monitor on the right)

- The drawers on the left desk are openable, for if you want to store away that highly-dangerous Magic Capture Device. The entities to fire outputs to are desk1drawer# with # being 1-3

- The bottom-right drawer of the storage box on the shelf to the left can be toggled open/closed; its entity name is partsboxdrawer_

- The sprite on the desklamp can be hidden, if necessary. The sprite's entityname is desklampsprite_

- The test tube holder on the right desk has bodygroups for the tubes themselves; the entity is named testtubes

- There are various other decorative props placed in the room--should you wish to remove them for shots where they have been moved or removed, their entities are named as follows;

~ spool (The small purple spool on the shelf to the left)

~ tablet (The flat device on the shelf to the left)

~ can (The strange can of parts on the shelf to the left)

~ headphones (The headphones on the left desk)

~ deskbook#_ (The books on the left desk, with # being 1-3)

~ chair (The computer chair)

~ product#_ (The two items on the shelf near the door, with # being 1-2)

~ keyboard (The right desk's computer's keyboard)

~ microscope (The microscope)

~ microscopeslide_ (The slide next to the microscope)

~ trashcan (The trash bin on the right)

All of these props can either be enabled/disabled or else killed

- All doors can be opened/closed; their entities are named as follows;

~ door (The door to the study itself)

~ halldoor#_ (The doors out in the hall, with # being 1-3)

- This map is also 3-in-1; also included in the .bsp are a dark version of the map, with all lights removed for your own choice of lighting, and a greenscreen version, because reasons and memes. They are both below the regular map.

Also, for GLaD's sake, turn on rendering of Other Entities if you use this in SFM. Right click the viewport > Draw Game Entities > Other Entities

The map is small enough to where you have no excuse not to.

I made this map purely with the intent of using it for my second SFM animation, Echo in the Mirror (… ), but you can have it too! For the price of 20 likes and 5 real comments on the YouTube animation, which you all kindly provided, you can download it here!

And if that DL doesn't work, here's the mirror.…

While this map is SFM first, nothing's stopping you from using it in GMOD too. Hopefully you'll enjoy it.

Separate props pack:…

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