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[SFM/GMod DL] DS-390 Darklight

  • Score: 3
[SFM/GMod DL] DS-390 Darklight

[MUST READ] Rules:

  • Do not decompile.
  • Do not claim this model as yours. [Will result as DMCA takedown]
  • Do not use this for Vore artworks. [Will result as DMCA takedown]
  • Do not re-texture the model. [Will result as DMCA takedown]
  • NSFW is allowed.
  • Anthro is allowed.
  • Extreme violence and gore is allowed.

[DMCA Takedown is a report that will leave a permanent strike to your account so you have been warned]


pointystarz: For the amazing artwork.
poninnahka: For the Pony Source files.
jaruskais: For the body texture as a guide and Eva's pupils.
beardeddoomguy: For the Blackjack Armor leggings.
optimus97: For the Pony Cyber Eye Source Files.
srick91: For the h8 seed wing source files.
narox22: For the h8 seed custom textures.
whiteskypony: For the bat pony reference and source files.


A guy named Darklight who had no clue who was his parents, he was raised in a military base and learned how to use weapons and flying, he fought well in battle one day he was attacked by unknown soldiers and he fight back as hard as he could but he failed, the soldiers cut off his legs, his left wing and they pry out his left eye and smashing it, He thought he died but luckily the medic form the base helped him and brought him back alive but the sad part is he don't have his legs, wing and his left eye he wanted to fight back for truth then several month later he was brought to another base and he was implanted with Cyber leggings, a Mecha bladed wing and a Cyber eye, now he is fighting for good people and for the truth and if he saws a bad person he will kill them without any mercy.

OC Information:

Name: Darklight
Age: 18
Relationship: Taken by Spoilrz
Race: Bat Pony Pegasus
Likes: Vaping, killing and helping.
Dislikes: Enemies, betrayers and traitors.

Update Log:

  • Nothing at the moment.


This OC is now owned by me.


FlowerShy over 7 years ago

i tried doing something like this on lyra but i failed so can you make a lyra version of this and call it currpted lra?

Maps (BSP): 0
Materials (VMT): 20
Models (MDL): 1
Sounds (WAV): 0
Textures (VTF): 22