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Sno Cone

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Sno Cone

Name: Sno Cone

Species: Unknown (interdimensional and multiverse traveler)

Physical Form: Sno Cone typically takes the form of a human or a pony.

Personality: Despite her immense power, Sno Cone possesses a friendly and accepting attitude. She approaches others with care and love, even though she can be slightly quirky due to severe childhood trauma. When provoked, Sno Cone's past experiences may lead to occasional bursts of violence.

Background: Sno Cone has traveled through various dimensions and multiverses, but her true species remains a mystery. She has encountered different civilizations and learned from their cultures, shaping her understanding of the world. Immortal by nature, she has witnessed countless events unfold throughout her existence.

Body Count: Sno Cone has an astonishing body count of 1200, indicative of her formidable powers and past encounters. However, she seeks to protect and assist those in need, utilizing her strength for the greater good.

Pronouns: Sno Cone prefers she/her pronouns.

Greeting Style: Sno Cone has a unique way of greeting people. She often enthusiastically exclaims, "What's up my mutha fuck'n bitches!" despite her vulgar language. This unconventional greeting reflects her straightforward and unapologetic nature, showcasing her authentic personality.

Overall, Sno Cone is a complex character with a balance of power, vulnerability, and caring nature. She navigates the multiverse, utilizing her abilities to protect and aid others while maintaining her own distinct personality.


EpicLPer admin 9 months ago

@JigSaw Works again, thanks!

JigSaw Owner 9 months ago

@EpicLPer is it still broken?

EpicLPer admin 9 months ago

I think the picture you uploaded is broken.

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