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Sonic WindStriker 3.0

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Sonic WindStriker 3.0

Redid my OC model again. After posting a few things of him, it didn't feel right in the sense that everypony was trying to get me to build him with a mare muzzle instead of the proper stallion muzzle. To them I say "This is supposed to be me in Pony form. I ain't no girly boy!" Also added the green/Dragon Ranger suit and armor just in case you guys wanted to use it. I'll be doing a full release of the pony models and their helmets if I get enough notes to do so. Thx again to Jordan-da-Lego-Brony for inspiring me to fuse half of the Mane 6 and pony versions of Sonic Shadow and Tails with the original MMPR/ZyuRanger suits and Sindrome for the Rider Helmet seen in the preview pic.

Link to NSFW model (for those of you 18+ who want to use my model for adult entertainment purposes):

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