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Spike The Dragon

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Spike The Dragon

Warning to gmod users the phy is a little crazy mostly due his size, so I would suggest you use the bone tool to pose him

The new spike model was funded just 12 hours after it's announcement.

$42 was funded by and a thank you to

Anon #1 $40

Anon #2 $2


*100% custom made body, fins, wings, and eyebrows.

*100% custom textures

*overhauled stereo flexes

*full eyeposing with four skin groups (normal, medium, small, and heart eyes)

*physic which allows the model to be used in Garry's mod

*IK script ready for easy posing and animating

*wings can be switched on or off

Spike © Hasbro

KP-ShadowSquirrel for the eye mesh

Me for the body, fins, wings,eyebrows meshes, and image

Doctor-G for the spyro Reignited Trilogy style logo

Melinda Rose for heavily inspiring me to make this

If there are any kind of bugs or errors please let me know ASAP.

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PuzzlShield about 2 years ago

Spike is indeed my favorite Baby Dragon from the whole G4 series.

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