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The Spritebot - Fallout: Equestria (FOE)

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Due to recent drop in morale, The Ministry of Morale would like to proudly announce it's newest innovation: The Spritebot! With the look of a Parasprite and a sound of a Polka: This device is guaranteed to brighten up your day! (Also to spy on unsuspecting Ponies) ;)

It also comes with a laser rifle to prevent any hostiles from damaging the unit or the surrounding area! In short: The Spritebot is hooves down the best thing for morale and for short range defence!

If your like me, You would like to do a visual adaption of the Fallout Equestria Radioplay, or have some original ideas for the crossover. And for the longest time, nopony had actually done a Spritebot model for the SFM. I decided to take it upon myself to recreate the Spritebot (originally for a separate project entirely) for any pony to use! =)

The each wing has a jigglebone at the very tip of the wing, giving a nice subtle looking flex to the tip of the wings! Each bit of the model has a bone, from the wing's pole on each side of the model to the antennas. So go nuts with it! ^

Credit to Jelly Meyer for the amazing textures! Seriously, he's awesome!


EpicLPer admin over 8 years ago

@CrystalisedEntertainment Better than the Workshop anyways :P

CrystalisedEntertainment Owner over 8 years ago

@Nuke928 I'll think about it...

Nucleus admin over 8 years ago

Would you allow us to host the download here as well? That would enable people to download through the Mod Manager.

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