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Twilights Room HDR

  • Score: 14
Twilights Room HDR

Thanks to Durka for making the twilight image.

Gonzo originally gave up on the map and said to do whatever with it.



AtlasGamesPlus over 2 years ago

the textures are missing, how can i fix it?

Arpi about 6 years ago

When it is loaded I see only dark. In the room(I dont see the room I just conclude it is) I see the floor and a wall thing. What shood I doo?

EpicLPer admin over 7 years ago

@SevenFates You have to enable the objects in the view menu as far as I know, it's not really a map, it's just a bunch of objects implemented into a map.

SevenFates over 7 years ago

Map is non-functional in SFM, as props fail to load in.

Yume over 8 years ago

Sorry, but is this the full library?

Maps (BSP): 3
Materials (VMT): 13
Models (MDL): 22
Sounds (WAV): 0
Textures (VTF): 13