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Velvet Cherry

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Velvet Cherry

Velvet Cherry, a mare from the world of Fallout Equestria. She crazy, she a junkie and she's a cannibal. Come and get her boys.

If you do intend to use this model for anything whether it be a background pony or crustal character then i ask that you give credit to me for the ownership of the character.


Freemau Owner about 8 years ago

@EpicLPer ah thank you that makes my job much easier ^

EpicLPer admin about 8 years ago

@Freemau I've added the ZIP here as a download now too.

Freemau Owner about 8 years ago

@Nuke928 i could have sworn i added then but here you go, Dropbox link.

Nucleus admin about 8 years ago

Please add source files

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