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PonySFM needs your support!

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Hey there guys, long time no see!

PonySFM is approaching almost 900 SUBMITTED RESOURCES and over 780 UPLOADED FILE REVISIONS! THAT'S INSANE and we wanna thank you all for creating Source Filmmaker related pony stuff, it helps the community a lot!

Well, 900 Resources is a lot, far more than a team of 3 people could handle to keep updated. We constantly try to find popular resources, search for new revisions, upload them, keep them updated and archived that way. In some cases this even saved some models or scripts from going extinct and simply vanishing into the deep, dark nothingness despite being used by hundreds of people!
We're trying to implement automated scripts which search already submitted DeviantArt URLs for new revisions but even that isn't 100% accurate since some people simply don't use DeviantArt's own upload system due to size limits and DeviantArt isn't offering a good API to begin with.

We want to ask YOU, the various amazing resource creators out there, to help PonySFM to upload and maintain your own creations if possible!

Now we do understand that some simply don't want to register on a new site and that's okay, but even if just a bunch of you guys actually register and maintain their own resources here and open the ways for hundreds if not even thousands of other interested people starting with Source Filmmaker, it would already help a ton!
If you do decide to register and help us and already find your resource submitted to this site, please throw us an E-Mail at with a link to the resource, your PonySFM username and proof that it's actually you. This can either be a link to your DeviantArt profile with a short text in your bio like "PonySFM: username" or any other way you (and we) think is enough proof. We can then assign this resource to you so you can start editing and uploading new stuff to it!

Thanks for reading and thanks for helping (if you decided to do so)! Together we can create a platform that'll help a lot of people finding their way into the PonySFM community and create awesome animations, posters and more! <3

Best regards,
Stefan Kern (EpicLPer, Founder)