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DMX Enhanced Males

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DMX Enhanced Males


- fixed regular male NoseWrinkle mouth spikes and several teeth related flexes

- properly mirrored body UVs on both bases

About fucking time.

Also look, the first preview made entirely in Cycles. Except logos.

My plan to publish these was like a year ago. But, well, I had to move pronto.

That change of home was also a significant change to my plans, resulting in me being more dead on dA than ever. And more evil.

But hey, enough about me, let's look at these two badass bases.

The one on the right was originally enhanced by ArtyHiTecH but lacked a few flexes that females had, and well, also never reached the 128 threshold. So I fixed that, made the base symmetric, smoothened out the existing flexes, and also added flexes from the old Calamity model, made by someone I cannot recall since it was so damn long ago, sorry.

The one on the left is developed by me, by the time I released it regular stallions already had v5 setup so those remained underpowered pretty much... until now.

I've also added facial bones on both bases like in mares. Their rig was also smoothened as far as Source rigging allows. Therefore they do not need lay/t-pose helper flexes. DMX rigging, baby!

The pack contains said bases, QC templates, and a txt of their advanced flex options in case you make your own bases off these. These are not guaranteed to work in GMod, even with the latest update. Compiling them with SFM studiomdl is fine.

Fillies are next. I actually had them started.


ArtyHiTecH - for making the previous v5 regular male version.

Nutrafin - for eyebrows.

New releases soon. Really. I swear.


UltraWooshi almost 6 years ago

Any chance you can make an enhanced filly and colt pack?

Nitromancer almost 6 years ago

@Nitromancer Ok. sorry that comment was really bad. But I tried writing a long comment and it didn't submit. I'd really appreciate if you could tell me what this is, and When/how I should use it. I read your DeviantArt Stuff, so I know my questions may annoy you, but I'm just so eager to learn.

Nitromancer almost 6 years ago

Hi. New here. Second attempt at comment. getting to the point. This is super cool. What is this? How do I use it? Should I (being new) use it? When should I use it? Can I use it with Old assets? ok. Thanks.

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