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LE Collar Necklace

Le collarnecklace previewx

This floral collar-style necklace can be customized to suit anypony's taste and color palette with multiple choices of hardware colors and an infinite rainbow of paintability. Accented with lace trim, textured embroidery, strands of pearls, and a colorful gemstone, this accessory is perfect for adding a bit of frill to your wardrobe.

Check the deviantART description for more details.

Overhaul insane twilight  dl  by maximo 009 d6z1ys0
Insane Twilight Sparkle Score: 2 · about 2 years ago
Aura particle preview by argodaemon d6z22it
Magic/Levitation Particle System Score: 7 · about 2 years ago
Littlepip   fallout equestria  dl   outdated  by maximo 009 d6vq2mn
Littlepip (with gear) Score: 0 · about 2 years ago