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LE Stud Earrings

Le earstuds previewx

For both mares and stallions.

Each of the 5 positions is a single bodygroup with 4 shape options plus 1 empty option, so all of the variety you see here is made possible with just 2 models! A single model on a single ear gives you access to every possible shape and position combination.
If you want to mix colors, just use a second copy of the model with a different skin!

Check the deviantART description for more details.

Overhaul insane twilight  dl  by maximo 009 d6z1ys0
Insane Twilight Sparkle Score: 2 · about 2 years ago
Aura particle preview by argodaemon d6z22it
Magic/Levitation Particle System Score: 7 · about 2 years ago
Littlepip   fallout equestria  dl   outdated  by maximo 009 d6vq2mn
Littlepip (with gear) Score: 0 · about 2 years ago