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New Overhaul Princess Cadence

  • Score: 13
New Overhaul Princess Cadence

[Don't re-colour or de-complile this model]


and remember "show some love to us modelers, we need it."

Changelist from old model:

-Improved eye posing as good as I can get it to being the VN ones

-Improved textures for body and horn. more show accurate

-Improved face flexes

-Custom mane and tail with working jiggle bones

-Improved wings both open and closed and new textures

-Patched up new luna body mesh to match show references more show accurate

-Added enhanced pony model eyebrow and eyebrow flexes

-Custom collar, shoes, and, crown.

KP-ShadowSquirrel Original Model Maker

oogaboogaman Original Model Importer for Source Engine

Poninnahka Pony overhaul assists

JuiceDane and Nutrafin eyebrow assists

Princess Cadence© Hasbro

Image by TsuriaDragon

If there are any kind of bugs or errors please let me know ASAP.


Twilight2917 about 7 years ago

How do I use this on SFM~~~

frogdoog over 7 years ago

@EpicLPer lol X3 but off a building??

EpicLPer admin over 7 years ago

In case of danger: Throwing your wife is perfectly acceptable.

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