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This resource is obsolete. Click here for a newer version!

(OLD/Outdated) Pony Organizing Script V1.7

Download  zappy s pony organizing script v1 3 by thezeroteam d61jovr

NEW UPDATE! Please click above to get a new version!


Btw. if the creator of this script reads this: It's bad to just delete stuff. Don't do this, we have backups ;)

A script that easily lets you organize your model even better.

Pony overhaul resource addon pack 1  update1  by glaber d6ze7zm
Pony Resource Addon Pack
by Glaber
Score: 1 · about 2 years ago
The christmas pack  sfm gmod props   dl  by maximo 009 d6xnzad
Christmas Pony Props Score: 1 · about 2 years ago
Mlp frames w download  sfm resource  by argodaemon d612v0q
Pony Picture Frames Score: 2 · about 2 years ago
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Materials (VMT): 0
Models (MDL): 0
Sounds (WAV): 0
Textures (VTF): 0