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Pony Tail Dock Model

  • Score: 18
Pony Tail Dock Model

A dock model made by BCkiwi, with edits from Dark Skye!

Works great with both pony models and anthro alike to give your renders that extra bit of detail. Can also use the NexGen textures for accurate coloring!

Note: This model only has one bone and does not zero into the correct position automatically. You will have to do some adjustments. If you are familiar with SFM, this should be no issue.

Spawning Guide

  1. Spawn the dock in as usual
  2. Find the pelvis bone of your anthro or pony model
  3. Click and drag the pelvis bone over the dock's rootTransform bone.
  4. Zero the rootTransform bone
  5. Re position the dock so it fits under the tail.

Coloring Guide

  1. Right click the dock in the Animation Set Editor.
  2. Add material overrides.
  3. Right click again and select Show in Element Viewer --> Model.
  4. Click the + symbol next to materials to open the drop down. Inside of this drop down should be another called "dock". Open this drop down as well.
  5. Right click on the green "dock" and select Add Attribute --> Color.
  6. Type in "$color2" and click OK.
  7. A golden line of text should appear inside of the "dock" drop down with a black bar to the right of it. At this point, the dock model should turn black. This is okay.
  8. Click on the black bar to open up the colour selector and choose your dock color.

NexGen Texture Guide

  1. Add a $basetexture string to the dock.
  2. Use the neck texture for the correct pony.


Freemau almost 5 years ago

@Dreadmaster231 Im scared of him. Mostly cause i hardly know him and i don't know how to talk to him or connect with him. i don't know what he's into other SMF an making lewds.

NavyBr0wnie about 5 years ago

@Freemau See what they say!

Freemau about 5 years ago


i have not

NavyBr0wnie about 5 years ago

@Freemau Did you try beardeddoomguy or aerridiccore?

Freemau about 5 years ago


If you can find the guy to do it, i'll pay for it.

NavyBr0wnie about 5 years ago

Realistic hair, HD Eyes, Pony Dock, V4 Flexes and Adjustments, all we need are probably some unique hoof styles and fetlocks and we'll have ultimate customization.

Freemau about 5 years ago

This is what i've been waiting for!

EpicLPer admin about 5 years ago

Really nice!

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