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ReVAmped Twilight Sparkles

  • Score: 4

Thirteen Twilights!! This is the SFW pack.

So who's here? We've got:

  • Crazy Twilight (Assets by Whiteskypony)
  • Fashion Twilight (Assets by AeridicCore)
  • Sci-Twi V1, V2, and V3 (Assets by Dazzion)
  • Future Twi (Assets by KP-ShadowSquirrel and Blenderpy, possibly changed further as I took it from the Sourcefactory)
  • Rockstar Twi (Assets by Xppp1)
  • Coronation Twi (Assets by Dazzion
  • Midnight Sparkle (Assets by Dazzion)
  • Dusk Shine (Assets by Xppp1)
  • Rapidash Twi (Assets by Xppp1)
  • Regular Twilight

Some extra features to list:

  • Alternate hoof and ears as is standard on ReVAmped ferals.
  • Folded and Spread wing bodygrouops.
  • Rapidash has skingroups to choose pupil type, body colour, and mane/tail styles.
  • Midnight Sparkle has skingroups to set special pupils, and body colour.
  • Future Twi has a sneaking suit skingroup, and a bodygroup for a messier sci-twi tail for the ragged look.
  • Twilights default tail was smoothed out by Xppp1.

The assets commissioned by me can be used freely. (DuskShine's mane, and Rapidash Twi's mane/tail)

NOTE: This model includes common shared textures, but I'd still suggest installing the main Pony pack here, or install the Shared Assets pack here. Or install both! Rigs and other useful stuff will only be updated in the Common Assets page.


Mr_Andrew_Anderson55770499 10 months ago

i liked your style man and models.

PumpkinsBack 10 months ago

@red4567 twilight, across the twily-verse

red4567 10 months ago

Into the Twily-verse

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