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RMS Celestia (Fallout Equestria: Broken Steel)

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Here is the RMS Celestia, an Equestrian ocean liner from the Fallout Equestria fan story, Fallout Equestria: Broken Steel.

RMS Celestia, along with her sister RMS Luna, were Equestria's largest ocean liners. Built to rivial the luxuries in Canterlot Castle, Celestia and Luna were built to show Equestria that they were capable of building such vessels. However, their intended purpose was never shown to the public. They were built to ferry ponies in the thousands away from Equestria to a safe land away from the on going war. Celestia was set for her maiden voyage with around 3,000 on board, but before she could leave the harbor, a "balefire" bomb hit Manehatten turning everyone in the ship into ghouls. Celestia sat in the harbor for 200 hundred years, with ghouls that still haunt the ship.

For more info about her, check out the story:

Her design is very similar to the 3 Olympic-Class liners, having hints of all 3 of their designs (as well as some features on the Titanic model from Raise the Titanic).

This model uses the Olympic-Class models that I ported as the base model (heavily edited by me of course), and has identical features to them (lights, split, and more).

The model is realistically scaled.

Original model made by Lucas Gustaffson
Celestia's design made by Lex-the-Pikachu
Edited and ported by G011d3n



Rockstar_hedgehog 3 months ago

First time we see an ocean liner here. Hope to see more liners from Equestria in SFM

Mr_Andrew_Anderson55770499 8 months ago

wow cool model my friend and I love it and I seen a movie called Titanic.

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