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Spark-Custom OC Pony

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For anyone who cares about this; this is my OC, Spark.

From my avatar, she was ported by a friend of mine, and now It's here on Pony SFM!

For anyone that wanted to include my OC in an animation, poster, or just wanted the .mdl, here she is. ;)

-Bodygrouped for the headphones to remove/replace
-Scaling the pelvis sometimes has an error when afer a bit the hair goes back to it's normal size, probably just a jiggle_hair script bug.
-Has full eye control, skins to scale pupils.

I might make this for Gmod, I doubt it though, so if you want it for Gmod, port it yourself. If I do decide to do it, the only announcement you'll get is me posting it to the Steam Gmod Workshop.

Any questions of course go down below

Thanks for downloading, and HAVE A GREAT DAY! :D



Nucleus admin about 8 years ago


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