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  • Score: 4

Don't re-colour or de-complile this model

AeridicCore ended up updating the Overhaul Princess Luna model with some new flexes and bones, mostly the same ones as the enhanced overhaul ponies have.

Aeridic asked me to upload this on his behalf for some odd reason.

Princess Luna © Hasbro

KP-ShadowSquirrel Original Model Maker

oogaboogaman Original Model Importer for Source Engine

Poninnahka Pony overhaul assists

JuiceDane and Nutrafin eyebrows and enhanced ponies assists

AeridicCore for setting her up with the new enhanced flexes and bones

GhostlyMarie Preview Image

Stefano96 for porting her to gmod

update one: closeeye flexes has been patched up and added in mirrored mane and tail luna.

update two: fixed an error that caused the left eye to use the body texture and not the eye texture.

update three: added GMOD port thanks too Stefano96

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Materials (VMT): 14
Models (MDL): 2
Sounds (WAV): 0
Textures (VTF): 18