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[PAID] The School of Friendship (outside)

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  • This resource is offline. This means that the submitted DeviantArt link was deleted and that the content is now unreachable!
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The School of Friendship is a magical institute nestled within the vibrant realm of Equestria! Step into a world where friendship reigns supreme, and everypony is welcome to learn, grow, and discover the true magic of companionship. A sanctuary where harmony and understanding flourish.

Explore the sprawling campus grounds, where lush gardens and sparkling fountains offer tranquil retreats for contemplation and bonding


contains the .obj .blend .fbx and texture files and SFM files as well!

OUTSIDE and Inside Models Included! use as a model not map

(date revised 5/13/2024)

Camera in the Case
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Tank the Tortoise
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Joshbrony 14 days ago

@JigSaw Only because it's now got the inside, I think.

JigSaw Owner 15 days ago

@Joshbrony wrote:

@DreamwingsTheGriffon At least it's available at $10 bucks. That's kind of a steal, if you ask me.
should have bought it when it was 10 cuz now i made the inside its worth 30 now

Joshbrony about 2 months ago

@DreamwingsTheGriffon At least it's available at $10 bucks. That's kind of a steal, if you ask me.

JigSaw Owner about 2 months ago

@DreamwingsTheGriffon i hope i can one day afford my taxes it so i don't have to do paywall

DreamwingsTheGriffon about 2 months ago

@Joshbrony Lol it's just because the website it is linking to is not DeviantArt so it can't properly detect where the download is automatically and therefore thinks it's down. It's still there, it's just behind a paywall hence why it's not uploaded and just the link.

Joshbrony about 2 months ago

That's just depressing; people seem to hate the School of Friendship so much that they instantly delete the Source model of it a day after it's released.