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V5 Fillies and Colts Pack

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V5 Fillies and Colts Pack

Feels good to be back in town.
This shoulda been out yesterday but I wanted to get fancy with the preview. It's horsible.
Quite bold of me to release v5 sourcefiles before I update canon fillies with it, but there's more demand for filly OCs than it is for canon, and besides, I wanna test something that will help us all later.

Technically, this is the same filly sourcepack addon that was introduced before, but I modified it. There are new DMX v5 bodies for fillies and colts now, that all have identical skeleton and features, and thus there's no need to fiddle that much with values in QC. V5 fillies and colts DMX sourcefiles have the same settings as regular v5 I posted before, I've also smoothed their rigging for better leg bending. Additional facial bones are in there as well.
There's only one QC file for now. Like before, the QC template will allow you to turn any mature pony into a filly. Any. You can just decompile your OC, be it male or female, add its mane/tail to QC file, compile it - and it's there. New ragdoll will make sure anything will work, no changes are required. I really want to bank on this feature in the future when I roll the v6 update, so please turn your OCs into fillies/colts and tell me how it goes!

This week I'll update all SFM fillies I made to v5 and start preparing the next v5 update. Oh and if... wait, not if, when we get 100 favs on that, I'll roll a GMod update like I usually do. Both for this pack and the compiled fillies.

:iconchiramii-chan: - made these bodies initially, taught me a few tricks that made me what I am today, big thankies!

Have fun!


PumpkinsBack about 1 year ago

anypony else having problems with the filly qc?

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