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Site News

New PonySFM is LIVE!

Aaaaaand here we go!

We've decided to launch PonySFM a bit earlier than planned but we're still excited as hell to do so! So many new features, faster loading times and an overall more customizable, user-friendly front- and backend are just a tiny bit of what we've done the last couple months to bring you a better and more awesome experience using PonySFM!

You can also take a look AT THIS if you want!

Let me list a few changes:

  • New and simple layout based on Bootstrap 3
  • Our own server for faster loading speeds
  • Easily manageable resources
  • Revisions in case you want an older version
  • Grab informations directly from DeviantArt
  • Follow users to get updates whenever someone uploads/updates a resource
  • Profile Filter Settings
  • Upload multiple preview pictures for 1 resource
  • GIFs load even faster now
  • Displayed resource type on all lists
  • PonySFM Download Manager to directly import models into SFM

... and many more awesome features!

And now have fun browsing around and trying all the new things available!

PS.: If you had an account on the "old" PonySFM you're most likely able to request access again using the "Reclaim Old Account" button when signing in. If not please create a new account and send us a mail at epiclper7(at) or gian.sass(at) if you want us to assign your resources to your account again.

Dynamic Backgrounds in PonySFM

How the site looks now!

To improve the experience we took it a step further and added awesome backgrounds to the browsing page! With that change we are trying to show you some of the nice art of SFM while improving the overall feeling of the site.

If you'd rather prefer a white background then you can change that in your filter settings

We are still open for suggestions on backgrounds. If you'd like then send us one! For example by tweeting us.

Pre-Beta Preview goes Live!

Oh look, it's a Pre-Beta!

Yes, I've decided to post this link on the "old" PonySFM so people can finally check out more up-to-date stuff here on this site since the old one lacks these. We're still working hard on this site and are thankful for error & bug reports of any kind.
However we are aware that not everything works as expected yet since this is our own development-site so far. If things look obviously broken they are and we know that, we're probably already fixing those too!

Have fun browsing around now and, as mentioned, report any kind of bugs to me at epiclper7(at) or Twitter at @EpicLPer and @Nuke928.