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New Backgrounds!

The new backgrounds are here! Check them out.

1. "Basically Morning" by StormyScratch

2. "BFFs" by Monmonstar

3. "Boxpons - Twilight Sparkle" by Starstrike42896

4. "Morning In The Clouds" by JollyOldCinema

5. "One With The Wind" by Shaboodleguitar

6. "Fluttershy Makes the Boom" by argodaemon

What We Plan to Do in 2016

Happy New Year of fabulous 2016! We are pleased that we have made the leap without any crashes or issues.

Next week, after I'll be back from vacation, we'll be doing further development of PonySFM. Some pretty cool stuff we will be doing, some of which will include:

  1. Mod Manager V2 with a GUI! This means no more scary console thingie, and no more complicated commands that could accidentally delete System32 (not really).
  2. More blogging activity. We plan to run this blog as full MLP SFM news site. We'll be posting about fan projects such as PMVs and Art. More on that will come later!
  3. Increased effort on Social Media public relations: more stalking you'll be able to do on other various social media sites such as Tumblr, where we're pretty sure you lurk around.
  4. Expand our team. Right now we are just two peeps, EpicLPer and me. I'm doing most of the stuff, since I'm the programmer :(. I'm hoping we can find more programmers to add to our team, with kick-ass web developing skills. If you are interested write to!

That's it mostly folks! We hope that PonySFM will keep growing and become an even more awesome site! But remember that we are very open for suggestions. You can contact us anytime!

Mod Manager 1.1

NOTICE: Mod Manager is not supported anymore. Use PonySFM Workshop:

Small update for those who had some problems getting the program set up correctly!

Download (zip)


  • Added option to reselect SFM directory
  • User now gets a warning when the directory chosen is not the "game" directory
  • Fixed some spelling mistakes

PonySFM Mod Manager: Download and Guide

NOTICE: Mod Manager is not supported anymore. Use PonySFM Workshop:


Download Link (.zip)

Required: Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, with .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher


We're excited to announce the release of a new program, that will be integrated into the site and make the installation of mods much more in­tu­i­tive.

Normally, when you install revisions, you download the file, extract it (if you have the program installed for that) and then you move it into your SFM folder. This process takes ages and it sure is ugly. Sometimes you can't find mods and then you search for them hours on hours. Also how will you repair mods, if you accidentally delete a file?

Well, we have worked on this problem, and we focused our goal on minimizing the time between clicking "Download" on a resource and having it available for usage on SFM. Our solution is a small program that will be integrated into the site with the help of a new button, that will be displayed alongside the download button.

After you install the program you can instantaneously install mods. And it will keep track of what you have installed. You can easily verify that your mod files are working and you can repair files when needed.


After downloading the program extract the archive somewhere and start setup.exe. Install the program and then confirm the UAC prompt, to install the custom application protocol which is used by the site to talk to your computer.

Installation Guide

The first time you open the program it will ask you where your Source Filmmaker directory is located. You need to select the game directory, that is inside the Source Filmmaker directory.


The new button

You can go to any resource, or revision, like this one, and then click the button that says "Mod Manager". If your web browser asks you to confirm that you want to launch an external application, choose yes. If nothing happened, then it could be that you didn't install correctly, or that your web browser has blocked us (please write to me directly on Twitter or by email if this happens). If everything worked correctly the program should automatically start and download and install the mod you requested and then close itself.

Sometimes the program complains that it can't parse the archive, this only happens if the mod creator didn't create a separate materials/models/etc. folder inside the archive. If that happens please write a comment on the resource to let us know and we'll fix (probably).

This does not work with DeviantArt-only submissions.


  1. Because there is no reliable way to download files from DA as it has no API designed for access downloads.
  2. There are multiple filetypes that could occur, we only support ZIP.
  3. And why it wouldn't make sense at all: we don't want to be a DeviantArt-mirror.

Even if it's hard for a lot of people, creators will have to start posting the downloads directly on our site to get these features.


Mod Manager Menu

If you launch the program on your Windows machine with no arguments, you'll get a little menu.

Option Action
i Install a revision by typing in it's ID
u Uninstall a revision by typing in it's ID
ua Uninstall ALL revisions (in case you don't like pony anymore)
v Verify that all files are valid, you will be prompted for reinstallation if something is wrong

All other inputs lead to exit.


In case of unexplainable errors and crashes you can contact us. Simply state the issue and please include the log file. The log file is inside the directory of the program. The easiest way to get there is to open Task Manager, right click on the process and select "Open file location". The log file is called "ponysfm_mod_manager.log"

If you want to change your SFM Directory or accidentally selected a wrong one, then delete the PonySFM folder in %LOCALAPPDATA%.

Please send a mail to, alternatively you can write to me on Twitter too, @Nuke928.

New Features

Because we want to be more than a simple file hosting site, we added some new features that will make the process of installing and extracting files easier.

The first feature is standard filenames: revisions now have a standard filename that is constructed using the resource name and ID. This results in much better organisation and less file clutter.

The second feature is that any revisions that will be uploaded from now on will be automatically converted to the ZIP format.

We do this because it's simpler for people to extract ZIP archives, since it's pretty much supported by default on every platform. No more nasty RAR or other alien filetypes to bother with.

You can still upload files with .rar, .7z and so on, but they will be automatically converted to .zip after the upload finishes.

Please write to us if you have any concerns or questions.