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New PonySFM is LIVE!

Aaaaaand here we go!

We've decided to launch PonySFM a bit earlier than planned but we're still excited as hell to do so! So many new features, faster loading times and an overall more customizable, user-friendly front- and backend are just a tiny bit of what we've done the last couple months to bring you a better and more awesome experience using PonySFM!

You can also take a look AT THIS if you want!

Let me list a few changes:

  • New and simple layout based on Bootstrap 3
  • Our own server for faster loading speeds
  • Easily manageable resources
  • Revisions in case you want an older version
  • Grab informations directly from DeviantArt
  • Follow users to get updates whenever someone uploads/updates a resource
  • Profile Filter Settings
  • Upload multiple preview pictures for 1 resource
  • GIFs load even faster now
  • Displayed resource type on all lists
  • PonySFM Download Manager to directly import models into SFM

... and many more awesome features!

And now have fun browsing around and trying all the new things available!

PS.: If you had an account on the "old" PonySFM you're most likely able to request access again using the "Reclaim Old Account" button when signing in. If not please create a new account and send us a mail at epiclper7(at) or gian.sass(at) if you want us to assign your resources to your account again.

Dynamic Backgrounds in PonySFM

How the site looks now!

To improve the experience we took it a step further and added awesome backgrounds to the browsing page! With that change we are trying to show you some of the nice art of SFM while improving the overall feeling of the site.

If you'd rather prefer a white background then you can change that in your filter settings

We are still open for suggestions on backgrounds. If you'd like then send us one! For example by tweeting us.

Pre-Beta Preview goes Live!

Oh look, it's a Pre-Beta!

Yes, I've decided to post this link on the "old" PonySFM so people can finally check out more up-to-date stuff here on this site since the old one lacks these. We're still working hard on this site and are thankful for error & bug reports of any kind.
However we are aware that not everything works as expected yet since this is our own development-site so far. If things look obviously broken they are and we know that, we're probably already fixing those too!

Have fun browsing around now and, as mentioned, report any kind of bugs to me at epiclper7(at) or Twitter at @EpicLPer and @Nuke928.

The Always Up-to-Date Guide to Submitting on PonySFM

This guide will show you how to submit your mod to PonySFM, which is a easy and straightforward process. It is expected that you know what Source Filmmaker is and general knowledge about Source Filmmaker modifications, but not necessarily about how to create modifications yourself.

Submitting requires an account.


Because PonySFM uses specific terms to describe objects around the site, we provide a glossary. It is important that you don't mix these terms up.


A 'Resource' is used describe a modification and to provide general information about it. This includes information about the submitter, a description, a link to the creator's website and so on.


A 'Revision' describes the file of a mod. It usually contains the file which the downloader can install in his SFM installation (this is not explained this guide). Also it can be used to track changes made to the files. This information is called changeset.

A common example of a changeset could be "Fix glitch X with Y" or "Add feature Z" - it is up to the submitter.

General restrictions

  • The file cannot be larger than 100 MB
  • Only the following file extensions are allowed: .zip, .rar, .tar, .tar.gz, .tgz and .7z
  • The archive must not be corrupt
  • The following file extensions may not occur in any file of the archive: .exe, .scr

-- End of the glossary --

Submitting process

To begin, select the "+" which says "Submit" in your navbar.

Type 1: Submitting from DeviantArt

Submitting from DeviantArt is as simple as pasting the link to the Deviation. Above the submission form is a neat helper form, titled "Submit from DeviantArt"

Paste in the link to the deviation and click "Fill". If successful, the submission form will get filled with the deviation's name, link and image. But we are not done yet: Because of limitations, we cannot get the description, so unfortunately you have to paste that in manually. But hey, we already took care of that other stuff.

Also set the category

If you choose not to use PonySFM's system, but rather use your own download mirror, then keep that at DeviantArt. But if you choose otherwise, read "Type 2" down below.

Type 2: Standalone submission

First, choose a good name. The name should not contain any weird tags (like [DL] or [SFM]). Just keep it simple and short.

Fill in a link to the origin of the resource if you have a website or something like that.

You can add as many images as you want, they will be displayed in a slideshow. Make sure they have a 16:9 aspect ratio for a perfect look.

The file option is optional. It will act as your initial revision.

Lastly you add a description. It's optional but we encourage you to write one. The format is in Markdown, which is a very simple markup language.

Click "Submit" and you should soon be redirected to your new resource. It while take a up a minute until the images have been processed, GIFs take longer.

Managing revisions

If you never added a revision or want to upload a new version, you need to go to the revision submission form.

  • Switch to the "Revisions" tab in your resource.
  • Click the "New Revision" button

From here on things are pretty self-explaining.

  • Fill in the "Changeset" field with a little summary of what you added in this revision or removed.
  • Choose your file.

That's it, it's that simple. You should be a PonySFM pro now.

This guide is still a draft, but already thanks for reading.