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Gallop Cycle V1.1 Updated 6/25/2016.

  • Score: 7
Gallop Cycle V1.1 Updated 6/25/2016.

I wanted to reworked on this after looking at the cycle again (I know after one day) because I felt it was too fast also, I was missing a lot extra animation), anyways, I put more work into it. It somewhat better than the old cycle I think. DX. Also, I tried to use Twilight Sparkle enhanced wings to animate but, they were broken when they were spread, so that the known issue, so far. There was a lot of testing (well I was testing it), and breaking the model few times, which cost me a lot time because I forgot where I broke it in the first place. Rarity and Fluttershy tails are somewhat hard to work with, I didn't really change much on them beside fixing the broken spots.Also, I tried to have no clipping in the legs DX... Anyways Hope you enjoy! =).

Time Spent: Roughly 16 hours
Base off: 1.6 a second, starting at 1

Quick Notes:
+ Added subtle movements, somewhat
+ Reworked the tail
+ Fix the timing with the legs
// No clipping in legs
+ Slow down animation to 1.6 a second starting at 1 second.
-- Fluttershy and Rarity tails are somewhat funky, but are not broken.
-- Twilight sparkle enhanced wings open are broken, I think.

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