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Clementine the Giraffe

  • Score: 8

[Don't recolor, decomplie, or, use to make a OC with this model!]

Oh boy it’s me again, back with a new pony model but wait this one’s not a pony but a giraffe.

shocking I know!

big thanks to for letting me port his gina model.

and remember "show some love to us modelers, we need it."


* Eye posing

* Face flexes same as the overhaul pony models

* Eyebrow flexes just like the enhanced overhaul pony models

* Eyebrow posing just like the enhanced overhaul pony models

* Tongue posing fuck tongue flexes

* Three skin groups for the eyes

* New skeleton! 3 chest bones, 4 neck bones, and, 4 tail bones

Clementine the giraffe © Hasbro

Poninnahka Pony overhaul assists

JuiceDane and Nutrafin eyebrow assists

Image by KelchanFerret

Base Mesh by

If there are any kind of bugs or errors please let me know ASAP.

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